If you have recently moved into this area it is wise to register with a practice as soon as possible; please do not wait until you need to see a doctor. Please bring your passport, or driving licence with you and a recent document, normally within four months, confirming proof of address. You will be asked to complete a registration form and a brief medical questionnaire and if we have any concerns about information contained on the latter we will make arrangements for you to see a clinician. You can ask to be registered with any practice that covers your address.

Once registered with the practice you can see any doctor who is available but we will allocate you to a named doctor so that the workload within the practice is evenly distributed. Your named doctor is responsible for the co-ordination of all appropriate services required under the contract and ensure they are delivered to each of their patients where required (based on the clinical judgement of the named accountable GP). The named doctor is also responsible for your administration work which includes correspondence received from other providers and 3rd parties such as insurance requests, also included is the issue of prescriptions. If the ‘named doctor’ is not here on the day the clinical/administration action is required it is apportioned amongst the other doctors who are on duty, this will occur at least 1 weekday a week as well as annual leave, training days and sickness. If you are unsure who your named doctor is please ask when you next contact us. If your named doctor leaves the practice you will be allocated to another doctor.

The doctors take it in turns to take on new patients. Any doctor can refuse to register a particular patient. If you have difficulty in finding a doctor the CCG service will help you. They are based at:

Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group
Cedar Court
Guildford Road
KT22 9AE

Telephone: 0300 561 1555

Registration Forms

If you wish to register with the practice please either complete the appropriate online form below or call 01932 505230 to request the registration forms to be sent to you.

Online Registration Forms

All patients will be required to bring photo ID and proof of address to the practice within 5 working days of submitting  a registration request, please write the form  submission number on these documents. The registration cannot be processed until we have the supporting documents.

See attached link for our catchment area.

New Patient Registration - Adults

New Patient Registration - Children

Useful Information

Please note that we share the premises with another GP practice known as Church Street Practices and although the practices are two separate concerns we do share registration of patients, with one practice taking on new registrations one week and the other practice the following week etc. Date of registration is determined by the date you visit the practice to register so please bear this in mind.


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